(1951) BABA SUFFERED INTENSELY during his seclusion in Mahabaleshwar. His hemorrhoids (dubbed “piles”) and a fissure were painfully inflamed. (1) He was also passing a lot of blood in his stools. Baba sat for hours in seclusion despite his painful condition, and though his body suffered, the work did not. He never allowed his body to prevent him from fulfilling his duty to the universe. To lighten his mood, Baba appointed a committee to suggest treatment for his troubles, which he humorously dubbed “the Piles Committee.” The members were Sadashiv Patel, Vithal Bhokre, Gadekar, Nariman, Ghani and Meherjee. The men were briefed daily about Baba’s health, and Meherjee and Ghani took the most serious interest. When they were asked their opinion, Sadashiv and Vithal suggested pulverizing the bark of a certain tree, making it into a poultice. This was tried, but it increased Baba’s suffering. Finally, with Baba’s consent, Meherjee brought a physician from Bombay named Merchant. Dr. Merchant was highly impressed with Baba and prescribed a specific treatment. He refused to accept any fee, but as prasad, Baba paid him one rupee. The treatment, however, did not alleviate Baba’s pain.

So, on Sunday, April 15th, Meherjee brought another physician from Bombay named Dr. Kataria, along with his medical assistant. Nariman accompanied them. Dr. Kataria’s treatment started the next day. For six days, medicine was applied externally and covered with a bandage. But the size of the pile swelled, and Baba suffered unbearable pain. He could not sleep for two consecutive nights because of it.

On Sunday, April 22nd, the medicine was stopped, and a wheat-flour poultice was applied for twenty-four hours per day for another six days. By April 28th, this resulted in the piles drying and dropping off the skin, leaving a small open wound. Nilu and Goher nursed Baba day and night, taking special care to see that the area was kept absolutely clean so it would not become infected. Having helped Baba considerably, Dr. Kataria was sent back to Bombay on Sunday, April 29th (1951).

(1) Since childhood, Baba suffered digestion problems. The hemorrhoids were not only due to his delicate digestive system, but also due to the prolonged fasts during his seclusions and his irregular diet during the numerous mast tours.

Lord Meher, Original ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 10, pp. 3690 – 3691.