(May 1937) Do not get disheartened or alarmed when adversity, calamity or misfortunes pour upon you. Thank God, for thereby He has given you the opportunity of acquiring forbearance and fortitude. One who has acquired the power of bearing with adversity can easily enter upon the spiritual path.

Do not become angry, but be pleased with him who backbites you, for he thereby renders service to you by diminishing the load of your sanskaras. Also, pity him for thereby he makes his load of sanskaras more burdensome.

Do not criticize. The habit of criticizing our fellow beings is a bad one. At the back of it often lies self-righteousness, conceit and a false sense of superiority. Sometimes it indicates envy or a desire for retaliation.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, pp. 2180 – 2181.