(May 1950) In 1949, Baba had sent Dr. Daulat Singh home to Bangalore from Belgaum with certain instructions. Accordingly, he was to live only on food obtained by begging for a fixed period. Daulat Singh was from a very respectable family, and his relatives were disgusted with the idea of someone like himself, an educated doctor, begging. Society ridiculed him and looked with disapproval at his peculiar behavior. But Daulat Singh was uniquely obedient, the type of man who would give up his life to keep his word. Finally, circumstances being so intolerable, he left his home in Bangalore to wander and beg for his sustenance in various places.

Unknowingly, the beggar at last reached

the doorsteps of the Only Real Giver.

He had no idea that Baba was in Satara, but one day he happened to end up wandering there – begging right near Baba’s bungalow. Eruch was keeping watch outside. Suddenly, Baba asked him to find out who was sitting on the culvert. As Eruch neared the beggar, he could not believe his eyes. Daulat Singh was equally astonished to see Eruch. “Is Baba here? Can I come to Baba’s door to beg?” he pleaded.

Eruch went to inform Baba. Calling Daulat Singh, Baba heard his woeful story and gave him some food. Afterward, Baba praised his courage: “I am extremely pleased with your obedience. You are truly leading the New Life, and are an example to others. Although away from me, you are close to me. I am very pleased with you. I promise one day I will visit your house.”

Now that the New Life had developed into three plans, Baba freed Daulat Singh from begging for his food, and included him in Plan One-B to live and work independently as a physician. Soon after, with tears in his eyes, Daulat Singh left for home. He was an amazing example of living the New Life apart from Baba. (1)

But in this man’s begging sack was carried a treasure,

which would one day transform his beggarly existence

into the true essence of life – life eternal.

Daulat Singh held fast to Baba’s feet until the last.

(1)  Daulat Singh would occasionally visit Meher Baba at Meherazad. As Baba stated, he remained a true New Life companion but lived apart.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 10, p. 3614.