Baba was still suffering terribly from hemorrhoids and a fissure, so on February 26th (1952), an operation was performed in the Ahmednagar Civil Hospital at 11 A.M. by Dr. Joglekar, who had been specially called from Bombay. On the operating table, Baba was in such a hurry that the doctor accidentally dropped a hot proctoscope on Baba’s anus. No anesthesia had been given, and when Baba did not utter a single sound, Dr. Joglekar was very moved; tears welled up in his eyes. Eruch’s heart also was overcome, and he was amazed at Baba’s powers of endurance.

Goher was present too and she watched dumbfounded. At 4 P.M., Baba was taken in an ambulance back to Meherazad, where Goher began treating him. Also in attendance were Eruch, Pendu, Donkin, Nilu and, of course, the women mandali.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 11, p. 3766