That morning (Feb. 25, 1965) at Meherazad, an unexpected but welcome visitor arrived. It was Begum Akhtar. She came to Ahmednagar to give a concert arranged by the local Center for Baba’s birthday, and wished to sing a few ghazals for Baba as her personal offering of love. Even though she was tired after the long train journey and her hectic schedule of engagements, she sang superbly. A poet from Ahmednagar, Afsar Seemani, composed a ghazal in Baba’s praise, which Begum Akhtar read. She then spontaneously began singing.

Afterward, Baba remarked to her, “Your songs were my best birthday present. Your voice is matchless.”

Begum Akhtar replied, “It is all your grace, Baba; there is nothing else.”

Observing her, Baba showed concern for how tired she looked and stated, “Take rest this afternoon.”

With tear-filled eyes, she said, “My rest is only at your feet.”

That night, Begum Akhtar sang before a crowd of seven thousand at the Gandhi Maidan in Ahmednagar, and Pukar spoke about Meher Baba’s life and message.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 19, p. 6316.