When Baba was in Kashmir during August of 1929, Kaikhushru Masa was kidnapped by his relatives and confined to his house in Bombay. A year later, Masa signed over all his property to the relatives and thereby was released. His wife Soona and daughter Khorshed went to Bombay and brought him back to Nasik, but Masa’s health was broken and he was under constant medical care.

On January 17th, Baba left Bombay in the evening and reached Nasik at 2 A.M. He went straight to where Masa was staying and spread his bedding on the veranda outside Masa’s room, resting there for the night. Baba frequently rose during the night to look in on Masa, consoling the ailing man, “Do not worry. Remember me.”

The next morning, Baba sent for Soona and Khorshed, and asked Khorshed to sing a ghazal; thus, Baba kept Masa occupied with thoughts of God.

At one o’clock on Sunday afternoon, January 18th, 1931, Masa’s soul merged in eternal peace forever. This was the first time the Master had stayed near a dying person from among the mandali during his last moments. The next day, Kaikhushru Masa’s funeral was performed in the village of Deolali, four miles from Nasik.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, pp. 1355 – 1356.