During the following day, (January 17, 1937) Baba allowed the Westerners to ask him questions. Baba began by dictating: “It is so easy for you to love those whom you already love, but to love those whom you hate, that is something!

“By loving I mean not merely being kind. Does any one of you think it is possible to love those whom you don’t like? It will happen.”

Elizabeth Patterson asked Baba, “Where do we go when we go to sleep?”

“Everywhere!” he replied. “You are always everywhere. Even now, though fully conscious, you are not conscious that you are everywhere, because the mind always has the natural tendency of losing its identity. Is that clear?”

Elizabeth asked, “Then what makes us wake up?”

“Impressions – they prick you and you get up. They cry out, ‘Spend us!’ The mind always wants to go; so, in sleep you always go back and when you wake up you feel fresh. But again, after waking, the mind wants to lose its identity.”

“What are dreams?” she asked.

“Dreams are subconscious experiences which are always linked with your gross experience of the past. Sometimes, in your dreams, you see persons you never saw in this life. This link is from the past. It is all based on illusion and imagination.”

Elizabeth said, “Then how was it that when I was twelve years old I dreamt of you three different times, and when I first met you I recognized you as the one I had known in the dream? That was not illusion.”

“What I mean,” replied Baba, “is everything except your being infinite, is illusion. I am very ancient. Very, very old and always young.”

Norina then asked, “What is imagination?”

“Imagination is what you want to be and are not!” Baba replied.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 2086.