(Nov. 1955) Every one of you, every one of the mandali and all beings are God. Why? I understand it. I am responsible for the whole creation. If I am not there, then there is nothing – neither you all, nor the entire creation. All this is there due to my existence.

Take Niranjan Singh for example. If he is not there, where will the existence of the world be for him? All this is within you and with you. Niranjan sees this creation – this whole cosmos – because it is within him. When Niranjan is sound asleep, he is unconscious of his body or surrounding. Where do all these go? For Niranjan they do not exist. But no sooner he is awake, this creation is before him again because everything is within him. This applies to you all.

Every day when you are in deep sleep, you enter into the most original Beyond-Beyond state of God, where nothing exists. When you gradually awaken, you first pass through the dream state, and when you are fully awake, you create the universe and all things therein, and are conscious of this whole show once again. In deep sleep you absorb everything and upon awakening create it, as everything is within you. Daily when Niranjan awakens, he sees this world, and when he sleeps, the world disappears. It is absolutely necessary that Niranjan becomes fully awake in deep sleep, and then there will be an end to all things. This is the conscious state of God.

Daily, every individual passes into the Beyond-Beyond state (Paratpar-Parabrahma-Paramatma), but there is no consciousness. It is only the deep sleep state. When God in the Beyond-Beyond state awakens from his deep sleep state, he sees this world and experiences duality. Every person is in search of Union and enters the state during deep sleep, but he fails to be conscious of it, and no sooner is he awake from sound sleep, he sees duality before him. So you have to be consciously aware of the Union which is there in the original sound sleep state, and only then will this duality vanish. Just imagine how impossible it is to be wide awake in deep sleep! It sounds ridiculous but it is true, and it is possible to attain that state. But it is said that one reaches that state only after cycles and cycles.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 13, pp. 4764 – 4765.