In Ajanta, during the month of November (1944), accompanied by Adi Sr., Baidul and Kaka, Baba contacted a great mast named Mian Saheb. Mian was a saint renowned throughout the area, and people claimed he was well over one hundred years old. The very advanced mast was awaiting Baba’s arrival. He took Baba to a room on the upper floor of a devotee’s house and invited Baba to sit on a sofa and himself sat down next to him. He embraced Baba very lovingly and wept and wept aloud. Finally he cried out the Persian couplet: “Khud be kud azad budi, khud gireftar amadi.”

“You were free,
but of your own accord,
for the benefit of the world
you got yourself bound.”

When Baba returned to the car he revealed to the mandali what the mast had said and how exceptional Mian Saheb was, adding, “Most masts and saints do not know me as the Avatar, but only recognize me according to their station. They do not see beyond where they are – beyond their state of advancement.”

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 8, p. 2982.