At night, Baba would become restless and sit up in bed gesturing, “I feel very hungry!” He did this every night during the entire period of the twenty-one-day fast, while his lovers were fasting at different places.

Bhau knew from experience that whenever there were floods, famine or starvation prevalent anywhere in the world, Baba would silently cry out at night, as if he were suffering from their effect. During such crises, he would eat chocolate or some sweet several times during the night. Through this medium, the Avatar was “feeding” those who were going hungry.

The same was also true during this period. After the fast, when the lovers had an opportunity to see Baba again and speak of their experiences, they would describe going crazy with hunger at night, but abruptly – and unexplainably – they would feel as if their stomachs were full. Baba was, in fact, lessening their hunger by being restless and himself eating something. This was his leela (divine play); but how could they know or understand it? Only those who kept watch by his side at night witnessed it.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol.17, pp. 5812 – 5813.