Garrett Fort was full of questions about what constituted spirituality, renunciation, and the spiritual path. On December 17th, (1936) Baba stated to the group, while directing his comments at Fort: “Divinity is not devoid of humanity – it lifts mankind to God. Nor does spirituality necessarily imply the renunciation of worldly activities.

“True spirituality signifies the internal renunciation of mundane desires. Mere external renunciation – asceticism – does not lead to spirituality.

“Perfection is not perfection if it tries to escape from entanglement by shrinking from the dual expressions of nature. The Perfect One must assert his dominion over all illusion, however attractive and however powerful. A Perfect Being functions with complete detachment in the midst of the most intense activity and in contact with all forms of life.”

Baba would ask individuals to tell amusing stories and Garrett Fort was pleasantly surprised at Baba’s keen sense of humor. Baba smilingly reminded him, “Divinity includes all that is beautiful and gracious. How then could you expect a Perfect Being to be devoid of a sense of humor?”

Satisfied, Fort replied that he understood.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 6, p. 2055.