ARRIVING IN MEHERABAD at 8:00 A.M. on the 19th of February (1958), Baba went directly to his cabin, where he discussed matters with Vishnu, Pendu, Padri, Bhau and others about those sick and the special train.

The Gadekars were then called, and Baba asked Gunatai, “I want to call Gadekar to me; what is your opinion?”

She replied, “As you wish, Baba.” He then told Gadekar to apply for six months leave from work and come and stay with him. Thereafter, the photographer Bhaiya Panday took some photographs of Baba with women from different groups.

The sahavas group had assembled in the meeting tent long before Baba’s arrival. This was their last occasion with Baba. Some wanted to sing to him, and some wanted to ask something. Baba entered the tent, and the mandali started receiving handwritten notes from the group about their individual requests.

But Baba intervened, stating: “No one should come to me with his difficulties or seek interviews. I know everything. So what is the use of your laying before me your troubles and tales of woe? Those wishing to convey something to me should not write it out and send it on pieces of paper, but should tell it to me from the bottom of their hearts, as I reside in all hearts. If I am not all-knowing, what is the good in sending me notes? And if I am omniscient, then it is useless to send them. I want to tell you all that I know everything and am omnipresent.”

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 15, pp. 7314 – 7315.