Baba still had not given up looking for a suitable boy to accompany him to the West. While in Bombay, Baba placed this classified ad in The Times of India, which appeared on January 27th (1932): “Boy, not above sixteen years of age, wanted to serve as a personal attendant to a Spiritual Master touring the world.” Many applicants were interviewed, but none was found satisfactory.

Consequently, Baba then changed his plan and decided he wanted an intelligent girl to accompany him to the West. Katie Irani was sent for from Quetta, but her mother did not allow her to go. So a search was conducted in Nasik and elsewhere, but no girl could be found to suit Baba’s terms. Finally, on February 18th, Baba explained to the mandali:

You will never be able to understand my Universal work. During this period of my Avatarhood, I have to cleanse the world completely. This overhauling will last a thousand years. During this Avatarhood of mine, the greatest work will be achieved – the union of the East and West. I am the Universal Avatar, and not an Avatar for the East or West individually as in previous advents. I belong to the whole universe. This is why the Westerners were so easily caught in my net and could begin loving me. I threw out the net and the fishes were caught. And now these fish do not want to free themselves from the net.

All this activity of mine you observe outwardly; but what I do inwardly, you can never know. For this reason I say, bear with me, bear all trouble and harassment, and continue doing as I say. I work through some medium, and the medium is necessary for my work. You will never be able to grasp it.

A girl may be most suitable from your point of view, but to me, she is not fit for my work. I want a proper medium for certain work, and so I have sent back those you brought before me. Bring me a chaste girl who has love and devotion, who has a pure heart.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 5, pp. 1534 – 1535.