On May 14th, (1926) Meher Baba revealed to the mandali:

Before the veil was torn asunder and I became God conscious, I experienced the greatest electric-like shock that created for some time severe vibrations, which are indescribable. This was followed by intense darkness and finally there was Light. The greatest imagination fails to conceive of the idea of this Effulgence, before which the light of the worldly sun is like a shadow of a drop of the infinite ocean of dazzling Light. Similarly, the darkness I experienced when I had my Realization cannot be described.

The world experiences light and darkness, but what I am explaining bears no similarity to these. Very few persons can see the Real Darkness and the Real Light. And very few experience the real pain and misery which begins with the longing to experience God and the intense suffering at separation from Him.

Worldly pain and happiness are nothing but the outcome of mental weakness. No one in the world suffers as much as the person who thirsts to have sight of the Divine Beloved. He feels like a fish flopping about out of water.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 3, p. 794.