On October 12th, (1949) in a warning tone, Baba stated: “This one month’s continuous working day and night, personally seeing to every detail of winding up the Old Life, and arranging for the endless New Life, and the continual sleepless nights, have made me literally dead exhausted, both mentally and physically, and brought me to the verge of a nervous collapse.

“Therefore, on the morning of the 16th, when I am free from everything, the reaction will definitely be very severe; and I might, in the beginning, be unable to put all my mind and energy into the New Life.”

Baba therefore urged his companions beforehand to abide by all the conditions, and stated that there would be a certain amount of relaxation during the first week.

Continuing, he explained: “In short, although I want all the conditions followed one hundred percent, I will be in a relaxed mood – tired and easy – toward my companions, in order to be free from physical and mental strain.

“We leave Meherabad early in the morning of the 16th, and my men companions should walk one furlong ahead of me and the four women companions. The men should laugh, talk and be cheerful without jeopardizing the conditions.

“When settled in Belgaum, before starting the training, I will make all the points of how my companions have to act regarding giving suggestions, asking questions, and also clear up other points concerning the New Life.”

Eruch, Pendu and Kaka Baria were sent to Ghodnadi to arrange for tea and food on October 16th. After reserving the dak bungalow in Supa for that night, they returned.

Meanwhile Padri, who had been working diligently, had by now completed the electrical fittings at Meherazad by installing a generator. The electric inspector came on October 12th, tested the equipment and, finding it satisfactory, permitted its use. On that night of October 12th, for the first time, Meherazad was functioning with electric lights. But Baba, who had insisted that certain fittings be done in the first place, complained throughout the night about the irritating loud noise of the generator and, from the next day, the electricity was switched off.

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