Baba had an article prepared on the war. On October 11th, ​(1940)​ he came to the women’s quarters and had it read aloud. All thought it was wonderful, but one of them commented that science should not have been mentioned in it, whereupon Baba explained:

Science must arise, as it plays a great part in the present war. Science can be put to good use, and science can be put to bad use. Chloroform can be used for operations, for healing. But robbers also use it on their victims to steal things. In war, science is used for destruction. But destruction ultimately means renewal and improvement. What happened when they burned London during the Black Plague? They rebuilt it later, and it was better than before. So when the world is destroyed, a new and better world must spring up from the ashes. There will be chaos and destruction all over the universe; but after that, there will be no war for eight hundred years.
Therefore, isn’t all this present misery worth that long period of happiness? Those who die in this war will be reborn to enjoy the new world and peace. Now they want power and possessions and hate each other. How can it all end? In only one way! They must get sick of it all – sick of wanting, sick of hating, sick of fighting!

Suppose you like milk, and you drink and drink it so excessively that eventually you get sick of it. Then what do you do? You stop drinking milk. In the same way, hate, greed, anger, and so forth will reach such a height that everyone will be simply sick of it all. And then what will the alternative be? To stop hating and to love, to stop wanting and to give, to stop fighting and be at peace. The world of the future will be very marvelous!

“But it is all zero!” someone spoke out. Baba nodded approvingly:

Yes, but this is a supreme understanding. Even the present is all zero, and therefore the future of zero can be nothing but zero! It is all zero! Nothing exists but God. One day, my nearest disciples will realize it. Now, the most you can do is to think, “Yes, nothing exists; all is zero.” But when you realize it, you will feel it!

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 7, p. 2621.