Later that same day, March 12th, (1942) accompanied by Kaka, Gustadji and Baidul, Baba went to Gorakhpur in search of masts, visiting many places along the way. Once during the tour, Baba stopped in Sitapur. Although according to their itinerary they were not to stop there, and neither could they find a mast, it became evident to the mandali why Baba had come to Sitapur, when they happened upon a helpless family camping under a tree near the railway station.

Baba told the mandali to make inquiries about them. The family consisted of three children, their father and mother. The mother was so gravely ill she could not move. Local inquiries revealed that one of their children had died the previous day. They had no money whatsoever. The illness of the woman and the recent death of the child had left the father totally despondent.

Baba instructed the mandali to first feed them and then question the man about his condition. He had been driven almost to madness by his unfortunate situation. Baba and the men were on their way to Bareilly, and Baba instructed that the family be┬átaken along in the train. This was done, and once they arrived there, Baba instructed that the wife be admitted to a hospital. Money was given to the man to feed his family. As Bareilly was a large city, the man said he would be able to find employment soon. Once again, Baba’s timely help had saved a family who had almost given up all hope and were on the point of dying of starvation.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 8, pp. 2771 – 2772.