A telegram from Adi Sr. in Ahmednagar was received, informing Baba about the death of Eruch’s younger sister, Meheru Damania, on September 28th, (1953) at the age of thirty-two. She had died of cancer. She was the girl who had cooked during the Blue Bus travels [1938-39]. The last time Baba had seen her, he had remarked, “You have worked hard but soon you will have rest.”

On her deathbed, Meheru’s final words were: “Tell Baba that my journey has come to an end. Salutations to him.”

After receiving the telegram, Baba sent Eruch and others to see a movie. Eruch appeared not in the least affected by the news. He was his usual self as if nothing had happened. But Pendu felt sad and remembered how Meheru had prepared and sent food to Pimpalgaon for him, Eruch, Baidul and Gustadji during the Manonash seclusion period. She also kept everything at Meherazad immaculately clean during Baba’s absence in the New Life.

After Meheru’s demise, Baba sent a telegram to the Satha family in Ahmednagar that Meheru was now happy and to send him dakshina (an offering) of five thousand rupees for his work in Dehra Dun, which they promptly did.

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