The Hindu Brahmins among the mandali had separate cooking arrangements, separate water facilities, and they prevented anyone else from touching their drinking water. On the morning of September 26th, (1926) there was a decision among the other mandali to make one arrangement for everyone’s drinking water and do away with distinctions. But the Brahmins were not ready to accept such a proposal. With the possibility of having only one water facility for all, the Brahmin students were prepared to return home. So Baba gathered all together and asked them to explain their points of view. A long argument followed and a vote was taken whether to make the change or to let things stand as they were. The vote was a tie, twenty-eight votes for and twenty-eight votes against the change. Everyone then turned to Baba and he cast the deciding vote in favor of the orthodox Hindus to continue with separate arrangements. He stated:

Those who place obstacles in the way of the poor and destitute of other castes, and compel them to go against their faith, should not emphasize only the question of drinking water. It is not just a matter of drinking water; we should be on an equal footing in all respects – food, dress, religious beliefs, et cetera – if we really want to consider ourselves unprejudiced. All should eat together at one place without regard to caste, Brahmin or Untouchable. This issue should be banished once and for all. All should wear kafnis of gunny sack and eradicate all thoughts of religion and outward formalities.

Let the Parsis give up their sadra-kusti, the Hindus their janeu (sacred thread) and the Muslims their haj beards. If you wish to bring about an improvement it should be complete in all respects; otherwise it is not good to take undue advantage of the helplessness of those dependent on our mercy.

So for this reason, forgo this experiment of change and let things continue as they are at present. To bring about the awareness of unity among all people is simply beyond human effort. It will come at its proper time. This change can never happen through humanity’s efforts.

Baba’s beautiful exposition deepened the Hindu mandali’s understanding and the light of awareness of the oneness of God began to burn in their hearts.

Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Original Publication, Vol. 3, pp. 851 – 852.