(July 1956) Christ said, “Leave all and follow me.” What did that mean?

Don replied, “I assume it means literally to leave everything and follow Christ within yourself.” Then Baba continued:

But the meaning behind it was not to leave all these things; not to renounce the world, it was to obey.  Leave all thoughts, your selfish thoughts, and simply obey me. Then, you are liberated, you are free. But if you cannot, then more and more bindings are created, for every action creates a binding.

You are very old, Don, ages old! And you are bound. And you will be bound and you will go on getting bound age after age. Age after age, the same bindings will be created, you’ll try to free yourself and in so doing, get re-bound. But once you are liberated completely, then you will realize that there was no binding at all. It was just imagination – a dream; you were seeing and experiencing only a dream.

All of you here are very old – ancient ones. All are God, God is within each one, and God is not bound by time: He is eternal. You are all eternal. Now you are bound. You feel you are bound and you continue to get bound; but there will be a time when every individual gets freed, gets liberated. Then that individual realizes that all his bindings were just in a dream – he was seeing a dream.

Christ took upon himself the sufferings of others. Why? To liberate humanity. And the bindings are still there. Mankind is still bound. Yet, liberation does not require time. You are bound for ages, but when you get liberated, it is instantaneous – it comes in a flash!

Just think of it. God is within all, in everyone, and He is infinite. God is all-powerful, God is all-bliss. And yet, though God is in each one, how helpless we feel! We weep, we feel pain, we feel sorrow, although God, Who is so infinitely powerful and blissful, is there! Why? It is because of our own bindings. But there is one way to get liberated from these bindings, and that is through love.”

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, p. 5019.