(July 1956) Don Stevens read The Law of Karma a second time, and Baba asked him again to give the gist of it. Don replied, “Baba, I understand from this that it is quite true that the entire universe is governed by laws. The material world may be less understandable in terms of being governed by laws, but the whole universe is governed by law, just like a good business.”

In reply, Baba again dictated at length:

Although the whole universe is illusion, yet it is governed by a law, a definite law; and that law deals with every detail. We cannot escape from the law of karma. But when we transcend illusion, the law does not bind us any longer.

Krishna said the same thing to Arjuna, “Kill your relatives! Kill your friends!” in the battle of Kurukshetra. You must have heard about the famous battle. Arjuna refused, saying, “How can I kill my own kith and kin?” Krishna then declared, “I am above the Law. The whole creation is from me, and you will not be bound.”

If here and now I tell you there is an ant, and suddenly Don kills it, of course, a binding is then created – the impression of the act of killing. You cannot be free from that binding. You are bound because you killed one ant. Every action that you do binds you – every action, every little action, whether good or bad. The good action also binds you, but you are bound then, let us say, by a chain of gold. And, if the actions are bad, then you are bound, say, by a chain of steel.

Lord Meher, Original Publication, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 14, pp. 5017 – 5018.